Elegance Silver Bathroom Hair Dryer

Hotello Super (EPANB3) additionally features long life AC motor 1000 hours+ Automatic start when the handgrip is removed from its holder
Super safe / IP24 rating
8 min. automatic safety timer
Very easy installation
Cool touch
1200 watts (1400w for EPANB3)
220 / 240v 50/60Hz
1.2 metre extendable hose


Elite Bathroom Hair Dryers

Wall-mounted hairdryers

Major hotel chains and the best cruise ships have chosen ELITE hairdryers for their bathrooms.

It is universally recognized that the ELITE brand is synonymous with quality, strength and durability. ELITE hairdryers installed 30 years ago are regularly working without any technical problem.

Over the years Elite has continued to produce all its hairdryers exclusively in Italy, making use of the most up to date, quality-conscious production processes. Before final packing, the technical aspects of each hairdryer are subjected to rigorous inspection with specially designed and created electronic equipment soon.

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