Dual Flow Hand Dryers

  • The dualflow© Plus M14 240V is a fast, energy efficient, ecologic, hygienic & stylish hand dryer.
  • “Hands in” model it has 2 pairs of IR sensors on both sides of the upper covers for instant hand detection
  • Maximum air speed 410 Km/h.
  • Dries hands in only 8 / 15 seconds.
  • Motor power adjustable, allowing electricity consumption to be regulated. (Between 420 and 1.100W).
  • 30 seconds safety timer.
  • Lowest noise level in its category. (62 dBA in ECO mode).
  • Suitable for medium and high traffic facilities.
  • Easy maintenance. Components & materials
  • M14A: ABS cover, white finish.
  • M14AC: ABS cover, satin finish.
  • M14AB: ABS cover, black finish.
  • High speed class F universal brush motor, adjustable from 19000 to 30000 rpm.
  • Minimum waved wire NiCr heating element of 400W, mounted on a mica frame that incorporates a self-resetable thermal cut-off which disconnect the whole appliance. The heating element can be disconnected by means of an ON/OFF switch.
  • Biocote® antimicrobial and antibacterial protection technology based on silver ions. These ions inhibit the reproduction of micro-organisms in the product throughout its lifetime.
  • Cartridge that holds an HEPA filter medium that filters suspended solid particles (pollen, dust mites, cigarette smoke, etc.), notably improving the air quality. Furthermore, this cartridge also contains and activated carbon filtering medium that neutralizes odours and absorbs fumes and gases, helping avoid bad odours.
  • Base plate made in plastic PA6V0.
  • Inner tank to collect the water. It is removable and it has an external valve for easy emptying.
  • Optionally, and by means of a kit for the connection to the waste pipe, code KITDESM14A, the dualflow© Plus can be connected directly to the waste pipe.
  • LED front light for fast diagnosis of the dryer (green - machine running, blue - full tank, red - check engine).
  • Optical and acoustic warning full tank.
  • Odor neutralizer (optional).
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